Do you experience Jaw Pain, Locking Jaw or Tooth Grinding?

If you suffer from the above symptoms then you might have a condition refered to as TMD. Other symptoms include:
Jaw Pain , Headaches, Clenching, Clenching and Popping of the Jaw, Locking Jaw, Tooth Grinding


At Mac Domhnaill Dental we can help you to alleviate these symptoms.
In the past it may have been suggested to you to wear bite splints, however, now thanks to a new product called Cerezen help is at hand with a proven device in the form of ear canal inserts that can help relieve pain.
Mac Domhnaill Dental now supplies and fits
Cerezen devices to help relieve painful symtoms.
Cerezen is an entirely clinically-proven treatment which comes as inconspicuous set of custom-fitted, removable inserts which are designed to be worn day and / or night within the ear canal. Hearing, eating andspeaking is not affected.
If you would like more information on this non-invasive device that poses no risk to you? Contact Mac Domhnaill Dental using the details below:

Phone: 066 712 1457



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